Delivery Information

Please be advised that the official business days from Saturday to Thursday. Fridays, holidays and public holiday its holidays for all employees shipping companies

Our first mission is to offer you the best online shopping experience, so we have made it easier for you to make your shipment easier because your convenience is our priority.


Your order delivery:

1. Delivery cost: The cost of delivering the products will be according to the prices mentioned on the website.

2. Delivery date: This information will be shown to you on the website.

3. Delivery Delay:

1. If our delivery of the product is delayed for reasons beyond our control, we will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of that, and we will take steps to reduce the consequences of the delay in delivery.

2. If there is no person at your address to receive the product and the product cannot be delivered by mail to your mailbox, we will inform you in a timely manner on how to deliver or receive the product.

3. If you are unable to receive the product from us as agreed upon, or if you are unable to reschedule the delivery of the product after it was not possible to deliver it to you at your address, we will contact you to obtain further instructions. We will cancel your order in accordance with the terms of sale presented when we are unable to contact you or arrange for a new date for delivery or receipt despite our continuous efforts in this regard.

4. Identification requirements upon delivery: We may, at its sole discretion, make any inquiries it deems necessary to verify your identity and / or ownership of your financial instruments by requesting to provide you with more information or documents, including, but not limited to, Request for any form of identification and / or credit card. If we are unable to verify the authenticity of any information you provide, we have the right to refuse delivery and cancel the order.

5. Delivery from outside the country: You may be registered as an importer if you request the delivery of products from outside the country. In this case, you must verify that the required products comply with the law and regulations, and you must also commit to paying all fees and customs imposed on your purchases.

6. Ownership of products: The products become owned by you as soon as we deliver them to you at the delivery address and you have paid for their full value.

7. Invoicing: We will issue an electronic invoice for the value of your purchases and send it to your e-mail that you provide to us.