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Brand: EZI
Product Code: EPSF1

EZI is a Super Lubricant that acts as an anti-friction and anti-wear product. EZI Super Lubricants are heat-activated metal treatments with petrochemical concentrates that are designed to blend with motor oil. This process provides substantially reduced friction values that reach 71%, thus maintaining and elongating the performance of any vehicle. EZI Super Lubricants coat and seal the pores in the metal, minimizing asperities of the metal surface and creating a superior film that modifies the surfaces of these asperities thermally. EZI is activated when the engine or gearbox heat up and adheres to the metal surfaces. The asperities are therefore flattened out, providing more area over which to distribute the load and consequently reducing friction and its damages to an absolute minimum.

- Increases engine life time by 38%.

- Reduces engine wear up to 71%.

- Increases horse power by 4.8%.

Makes the engine running and starting becomes very smooth for very long time. Compatible with all kinds of oil for petrol and diesel..

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