Ideal Atom Varnish remover 300ML, is a varnish remover product with a special formula to remove sunburn from the car.

Recommendations for use: Pour the product into an empty spray

bottle. Next, close the mouth well and shake the product.

Before applying the product to the large surface, it will be applied to,

be sure to test it on a small area where you will be testing it. Do not

apply to the entire vehicle without testing in a small area.

Spray the product on the sunburned area to test and then do the

actual application. Do not touch, breathe or smell the liquid while


Cover the sprayed area with a trash bag or a piece of nylon and

quickly tape the edges to prevent evaporation with paper tape. Wait

10-30 minutes, depending on the strength of the varnish. Be careful

not to leave it on for too long.

Then remove the cover and clean the layer of varnish separated

from the surface with the help of any thin piece of plastic and then

clean it with a cloth. After removing the varnish, the car paint returns

to its original color in a matte way.

Attention: Color difference, tonality differences, etc. may occur in

your vehicle. Our company is not responsible for such situations.

The company is not responsible for any damage resulting from


Be careful not to use the product without trying (testing).


Read the human health advice carefully:

The product has a pungent odor. For this reason, do not breathe or smell the product

and keep the vapor out of your eyes. Always use the product in a

well-ventilated and open environment with gloves, a mask and

goggles. Make sure it does not touch your skin and is not close to

any food or food items. It is very important that you follow these

recommendations carefully.

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