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Brand: KEM
Product Code: SB-A-0186

It can seep into the air-conditioning, clean the dust, grease, insect stains and other dirt from the inside fan and exchange with pleasant fragrance. It plays the role of maintenance, deodorant and extending the service life of the air-conditioning. With its professional rotary valve, and the strong expansion foam, it’s the excellent cleaner for car air-conditioning.




1)         Start the engine, open all the windows and a open the hood

2)         Turn on the air conditioning’s “CYCLE MODE”, and adjust the airflow to medium.

3)         Find the position of the air inlet by hand, and find where the filter screen is.

4)         Take the filter screen out of the air-conditioning.

5)         Attach the accessory tube to the product nozzle tightly and spray half bottle of this product into the position from where the filter taken out.

6)         Turn of the air-conditioning. After five minutes, turn on again” CYCLE MODE”, and then spray the balance amount of the bottle from the same position

7)         After another five minutes, adjust the air flow to maximum for blowing out the foam. 5 minutes later, adjust the air-conditioning to “HEAT MODE” for 10 minutes to make air passage dry

8)         Install the filter screen back, and then all the cleaning is done


1)         When spraying, please keep the bottle upright and with an included angle from the horizontal no less than 45 degrees

2)         Please work in ventilated place

3)         If splashed into eyes, please wash with water and see a doctor

4)         If swallowed, please induce vomiting at once and see a doctor

 5)        High temperature may cause explosion, please don’t put it in any place above 50 degrees.

6)         Keep out of the reach of children.

7)         Don’t punch or pierce the bottle, far away from fire, even when empty.

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