It consists of silicone oil and compound emulsion wax, which is designed for kinds of furniture and daily used products. It has the effect of cleaning and polishing, and with a lemon flavor. At the same time, it will create a protect-film outside the surface to prevent the static, UV radiation, water, and mustiness.



1)            Shake it well before use 

2)            Spray it to the material surface with 20 cm 

3)            After a while, wipe with a soft towel 



1)      Far away from heat and flame 

2)      High temperature may cause explosion, please don’t put it in any place above 40 degrees 

3)      For accidental eye contact, please wash eyes with water and go to see a doctor <br/>

4)      If swallowed, please try to induce vomiting, and seek medical help 

5)      Keep out of the reach of children 

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