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Brand: MA-FRA
Product Code: KT017

A treatment that gives life, splendor and brilliance to the vehicle interior.

Ideal for cleaning leather seats and seat covers thanks to the triple moistening, cleaning and effect.

The treatment is nourishing and gives the interiors and surfaces new life, shine and brilliance leather used and faded over time..

✅ Detergent charm. 

The active charm foam contains natural ingredients (plant origin) that allow even the most stubborn dirt to be removed and removed from any type of leather.

The neutral formula of the charm foam is suitable for a long preservation and preservation effect, both on new leather and in the form of an intensive treatment for maintenance restoration or special cleaning.

✅ Charm hydrating.

Charm is a moisturizing anti-ageing product with extremely easy application.

It contains emulsifying elements of natural origin that are essential for maintaining the natural balance of the leather of seats and dressings. 

The high concentration of moisturizing and nourishing agents helps the leather maintain its shine and elasticity without cracking or aging.

✅ Charm Nutrient.

Charm is a highly nourishing product, suitable to give back elasticity and shine to the cracked leather that has been dried out from time.

Thanks to the active anti-ageing agents, the original elasticity of the leather is maintained and the typical signs of ageing such as wrinkles, colour loss and lacklustre.

For new leather, charm is a safe investment against the damage caused by daily use of the car.

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