MA-FRA Headlight Restoration Kit

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Brand: MA-FRA
Product Code: HO590

Cleaning the car headlights has become one of the most popular car care operations over recent years! Car headlights tend to easily yellow and become opaque, due to atmospheric agents, smog and the heat of the sun, which heats plastic and might damage it. Opaque and dirty headlights can cause various inconveniences while driving, especially at night. The classic grey film that forms on the surface of the headlights also makes the car look shabby, old and aesthetically unpleasant. How to clean the car headlights with our Headlight Kit :

Our HEADLIGHT KIT is a product specifically designed to quickly polish car headlights and restore the original vigor and transparency of headlights that yellowed over time. To clean your car headlights, just carry out a series of 5 quick and easy steps thanks to the HEADLIGHT KIT

1 – Wash the headlights to remove dirt from surfaces. You need to remove most of the dirt to ensure you do not work on a surface that is not ready for the treatment: impurities and dirt might alter the result of the treatment on the car headlights.

2 – Mark off the surface of the headlight. To ensure you only work on the plastic part of the headlight, use paper tape and mark off the area around the headlight. This means the headlight gaskets and bodywork will not be affected.

 3 – Use abrasive paper. Use some abrasive paper, immerse it in water and with the help of a support start passing the paper on the surface of the headlight with short and quick horizontal and vertical movements. After using the abrasive paper, the headlight will look opaque as the protective layer of the headlight has been removed and you have reached the original, rough and opaque surface. After using normal abrasive paper, you need to pass to a deeper smoothing degree of the headlight with a finer abrasive grain.

To do this, use the 3000 and 5000 grain Strips that can lighten the opaqueness left by traditional abrasive paper and make the headlight surface more uniform.

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