Nimer 44® - High Temperature (HT)

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Brand: NIMER44
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Nimer 44® HT - High Temperature is a one component silicone sealant; specifically used in applications that must withstand up to 250℃. Furthermore, it exhibits excellent adhesive properities & high durability.

• Excellent weatherability
• Long shelf-life
• UV, thermal and weather resistant
• High durability
• High effeciency and performance
• Short tack free time
• Non-sag
• Elastomiric ready to use silicone sealant for sealing, bonding, mending and repairing.

• Industrial reqairs
• Electrical insulation
• Automotive (airbags, engine gaskets, headlamps, hydraulic bearings, ignition tables, radiator seals and hoses, shock absorbers, spark plug boots ventilation flaps, windshield)
• Building assemblies
• LED and lightings
• Pump seals
• Sutable for interior and exterior applications

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